Wednesday, May 30, 2007


We call it GNO(girls night out) We love it and we can't live without it! It all started about 8 years ago. Me, Janie Eisenhart, Stephanie Phillips and Deanna Mander (Wolf). We have missed only a few of these monthly GNO in the last 8 years. All kinds of thoughts go through my mind when I think about our friendships, we know each other through and through, we can laugh, cry, pray, shop and love each other. We are all alike in some ways and very different in others. Our friendships means more to me than anyone will ever know. I can't live without you girls! Thank you so much for being my friends! You've helped me through many things that life has brought my way. I love you all and am so glad to share this very crazy thing called "life" with you!

We are trying to prepare ourselves for Deannas' move to Ireland, its not so easy. Tears or words can't show how much we'll miss you"De". Deanna is such a wonderful, giving person. She will touch lives in Ireland! I love you Deanna!

We went to one of our favorite restaurants today PF Changs Yum,Yum!!
I just thought I would share some pics from past and present. Enjoy!
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Made Me Think

I worked on Memorial Day in the evening. I met a couple that I can't get off my mind. The man was wearing a T-shirt with a picture of a Marine on it. Below the picture was the quote "Never let them forget"I asked him if it was his son. He said "yes, we lost him in January" he and his wife were both crying as they talked. I told them how much I appreciated the sacrifice and that I would pray for them. I was very at loss for words. How can you comfort that kind of pain. I just needed that extra reminder in my day. I can do a small part and keep our service men and women in my prayers, and their families that are at home too. His picture is an image in my mind that I hope will always remain. Lil Billy was his name, he was only 20, he gave his life to help secure me and my family. Thank You Billy may we never forget!
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Monday, May 28, 2007


Happy Memorial Day! Thanks to all those who serve to keep our country safe. We share freedom today because of those who made the choice to defend USA. My thoughts are with those who are missing their families who are serving/or have lost their lives for our freedom.
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We started our day with a parade. We met up with the Lopers, Brewers and Walkers. The kids really enjoyed it! Now we are at Memaw and Papaw Snellings and are just spending the day here! I have to work at 4:45pm:( We are going to eat and play games. We are going to play croquet, I haven't played that in while(sounds fun). Hope you all enjoy your holiday.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Fun was had by all!

Happy Monday! Hope everyone had a great weekend!
I must say I am proud of my endeavor to be a Cub Scout Mom. We arrived at camp around 1:30 Saturday afternoon. We picked a site and put out the tent. The kids were raring to go to the lake, so off we went. I would like to mention my wardrobe of a long jean skirt and slip on tennis shoes. I thought this to be sufficient. The only spot I knew of to get down to the creek was about a 4ft bank, I kept going,... just a little mud. We had some fun skipping rocks mostly just throwing rocks, then......Jenna says "I have to go potty right now!! I can't wait" I did not pack extra clothes for her(mistake #3 or maybe #4). So we tried to take care of the situation and well, everything got wet BUT the ground. with the wet clothes, socks(mine too). I was laughing thankfully.
I wanted a few cute pictures, while trying I managed to fall into the water LOL but did save the camera:) Then I had to climb back up the 4ft drop off, lets just say I'm glad no one was taking pics of that.
Jacob had a great time racing his boat. My mommy spirit and Jenna were cheering him on. He won quite a few races Yea!!! Jenna loved the monkey bars. I was hoping no one would notice the boys boxer briefs she was wearing(I did pack extra for Jacob?) We had a great time, I was very glad I took him. I did get to photo a not so fun slithering snake off a trail. Brian got there around 7:30pm. They had the special ceremony where the scouts change rank and received their awards. Jenna and I were very ready to go at about 8:30pm. We came straight home and jumped in the jacuzzi! The boys slept very well and got home around 9:45 Sunday morning in time to fly around and get ready for church.


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Jenna has a really good friend at church. His name is Bryson Craycraft and you just never know what they are up to. I thought this was one of their cute moments!!

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Saturday, May 19, 2007


Hi Everyone! Today is a very important day for Jacob, he is crossing over. That means he is no longer going to be a wolf cub but a bear cub. I have never taken him to and event but today was Brian first Saturday in his new schedule. So I'm stepping up here and taking the dare:) The van is packed for camping we are getting ready to leave. Jacob built a little boat and he will be competing in the Rain Gutter Regatta. Wish me luck and maybe a prayer!! Have a Great Saturday. And yes the camera is going so there will be pictures soon. I should add that Brian will be there around7:30 tonight. I just don't think I could be brave enough to camp by myself too.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

OK..... Life has got to slow down a bit, I have no time to blog, Help!!!! So much is going on. This week Brian starts a new shift (that he did not want) at his workplace of almost 20 year. He now will be working every Thur, Fri,Sat from 6am to 6:30pm. We are definetly going to have to adjust to this. I'm not always sure how God works but, I do know that he loves our family very much and we can rest in his plans.

I have really enjoyed homeschooling Jacob this year. I am very ready for it to end too!! He has done a great job and I am very proud of him. We will be done by May 30. Yea!!!


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For those of you interested ~we finished our landscaping in the front. The rock border is rocks from our back yard being tilled and I found some others on other construction sites. It was more work than I thought it would be but, I like it. The rocks were covered in clay and mud. We actually have grass growing in the back yard too:) Let me know if your think we need some steps from the back patio doors? LOL


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My kids have been enjoying the nice weather. I love them to play outside. Sammy came over to join in the fun!! He is a great cousin. Notice one picture where Jenna is reading Well.. that is her Bible I guess she decided her devotions were more important. Thats my girl!!

I am almost caught up! Just wanted to share a couple pictures of some very important people in my life. I have many more precious people, but that is for another blog. Have a great week!!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Hope all you Mom bloggers had a very Happy MOTHERS day

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I had a very wonderful Mother's day! We went to church and Honered our new "Mother of the Year" I had my family over for Dinner and my husband and nieces cleaned up! That was the best part. Thank you guys! You don't realize how important your Mother is until you become one your self! I am so blessed to have a MOM that has always loved and taken care of me!! I know the big job it is to raise kids and she did a wonderful job & survived!! Thanks mom, I love you!

We honored Diana Beatty as our "Mother of the Year" at church. I grew up with Diana and her family, she I know so deserves being honered. She has shown Jesus to me in her life and I know His grace is sufficient just by wathching her live!

I also have a Great MoM~in~law, she raised my husband very well and we love her very much! She is always there for us, Thank you Gloria for being a loving Mother to Brian! I love you!


Monday, May 7, 2007

What a beautiful day!!We have been working really hard around here. We moved into our house the summer of 2006. With everything that needed done at one time we just decided to let the outside wait. Finally we have
turned into work horses and got some things done. I can't wait to see the results.


Most of you know that we went to Salamanca, Mexico a few weeks ago. We had a wonderful time being with our very good friends! We had alot of catching up to do! It was very awesome to be there. I just wanted to share a few of my pics with you. You may have already viewed these, but you know I'm just getting started:)

Saturday, May 5, 2007

OK......I GIVE
I can't take the pressure anymore!! I'm giving in. I just love looking at blogs, but me blogging myself, NO WAY!!!! Then it hit me a couple days ago, I HAVE TO DO IT!!! So... here we are I'll give it a go:) If I can keep up and make things interesting I'll see success. Our life is very interesting to us, but to you??? Time will tell. Just 3 pics. This took awhile, I've got a lot to learn. Enjoy!!!

Me and My Honey
The reason I'm called MOM:) I'm so lucky!!