Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Caution! If you don't like to smile, go away:)

Before you read this you must know that, Yes, I am trying to raise my daughter to be a lady:) There are a couple things going against me, her two big brothers! Secondly, we loved the Statue of Liberty and it signifies the wonderful liberty of our great nation. With those disclaimers in mind.......
We were on our way into New York and trying to catch a glimpse of Lady Liberty. Jenna, in the backseat of the van proclaims: "Did you know that the Statue of Liberty wears panties.....and she has a wedgee?" I could not believe it, much laughter burst from everyone:) What makes her mind work? I don't know, but I love her!!! Many Smiles:):):)

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Home Safe and Sound!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
We made it home last night around 8:00pm. We had such a wonderful time. The kids really enjoyed themselves and we had a great time with Jerry and Gloria! This is only our second vacation with them but we travel very well together and enjoy each other's company very much! Thanks for the invite!
Let's just say we were PACKED as we headed out Friday night. We stopped in Somerset, PA, and spent the night. We headed for Wildwood, NJ, Sat. and made it safely. Wildwood is definitely not "Wild" in the winter, we started to refer to it as a ghost town. There were only a few businesses open. We did go to the beach but, froze and quickly left! They shut down for winter almost completely. We spent a relaxing day on Sunday.
Monday morning we head for New York City. We made it there FINALLY around 1:30 I think. We had a GPS that was very confused and left us feeling very confused but, after crossing the same bridge a couple times and going in circles we finally made it to our hotel "Belleclaire"
I can not put into words what the bustling New York City is. We absolutely loved the experience!!!! If you haven't gone you should go. From the traffic to the subway, the sights to the people, the lights to the sounds, we definitely got the feeling of what life is in the BIG City:) We could have spent several more days there to do all we wanted, however we did not leave unsatisfied! ( I took a lot of pictures I'll post them below, I just do not feel the pictures can do all that we saw justice but I was able to capture some good moments.)
Thanksgiving day took us to a town near Atlantic City, NJ. We ate at a lovely restaurant called Sophia. The meal was very yummy!
Friday took us to Philadelphia, PA. This was a very fun day too! I loved the history in this city. We took a carriage ride and learned a lot of historical facts, it was very chilly!
Now we are home and its time to get ready for Christmas! Busy, Busy, Busy!!!!!


Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Check In

Two weeks have gone by and no blogging! We have actually had a couple weeks that have been low-key, which I needed!!!
However we are going to change our pace here shortly. We are going to New Jersey, New York and Philadelphia for a week and we leave Friday. Jerry and Gloria invited us to join them and we are so glad we can go! I hope to have many fun pictures to share.
I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Here are a couple pics I was looking at, might add some interest to this blog:)


Thursday, November 1, 2007

Candy, Candy, Candy!!!!

Tuesday night turned out to be trick or treat in our neighborhood? Don't understand that but, off we went and there is way to much sugar in our house!!! The boys finished the neighborhood but Jenna wore out.
We carved some pumkins yesterday and had a lot of fun!