Friday, March 6, 2009

A little catch up

From 2009_02_03

Some fun things I did while it was cold outside. Just click above:)

I tried to make some faux roman shades out of a $12 panel I got at Target.

From 2009_02_23
Jenna mastering her bigger bike, Sammy turns 11. Building snowmen all in this album below:)
From 2009_02_06
The newest member to our extended family. Ally's dream~meet, Copper he will be 1yr in a couple weeks!
From 2009_02_28

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 the way we did celebrate Christmas:)

I'm going to attempt a quick update of what's been going on the last couple months. I know I'm very behind. So there will be no editing of photos you just get what there is. We are enjoying the snow and we are getting more right now! Hope everyone is getting a good start on 2009! P.S.hang with me, this is a long post! Jenna turned 6 on 1-30-09 but that is at the end of this wonderfully long post:) As always click on the photo to view the album, do I really need to tell you that?:)

Getting ready for Christmas:)

From 2009-02-03

Christmas with Stephanie:) Due to my friends being so spread out over the globe our schedules were not the same. Steph and I met at P.F.Chang's for our Christmas! All four of us girl's would have loved to be together but.....that's life as they say.
From 2008_12_22

Christmas Eve~We have since even before my time celebrated Christmas Eve at my "PaPaw and MeMaw" Hatfields house. We usually have at least 40 people there and needless to say we have so much fun! I love my family and have made so many precious memories with them. My papaw went to heaven in 1992.This year was a hard Christmas Eve, my grandma had to move to a nursing home in Dec. she fell and broke her hip. She had hip surgery and still has not recuperated. She is suffering from very bad dementia and it makes me very sad. Brian and I and the kids went and spent some time with her before we had our annual Hatfield Christmas. Randy my cousin invited all of us to his home and although I missed having grandma there SO MUCH, we were all glad to be together.
From 2008_12_24

Christmas Day
From 2008_12_25

Matthew is finally here:) It was just the day after Christmas but we miss him!
From 2008_12_26

Christmas at my Mom and Dad's house.
From 2008_12_31

Back at Brian's mom and dads to have Christmas with Leanna his sister and family:)
From 2009_01_01

WHEW!!!!!That's all of that:) No wonder I was so tired after Christmas.
My silly girl! I don't remember what this is about but the pic is too funny!
From 2009_01_15

Jacob started basketball season and is loving it! His team has won 3out of 4:) My special niece Lindsesy turned 3:) Her birthday pictures are in this album as well.
From 2009_01_17

We got SNOW! Very FUN! Very Beautiful!
From 2009_01_29

On 1-30-03 we received a very special gift, our baby girl, and our lives will never be the same! "My" Jenna turned 6 she is growing up so fast! We love her life and it has made ours more fun. So this is a Happy Birthday post to our sweet, beautiful, silly girl! We would have so many less smiles without her! We love you Jenna!
From Jenna's 6

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Will I ever have time to blog Christmas 2008? Not looking very promising. Happy New Year anyway:)

From 2009_01_01

WHERE IS JENNA???? she is, now Matthew is almost gone...I give up:) We were bringing in the New Year.
From 2009_01_01