Saturday, June 30, 2007

Outdoor Wedding

Today Mark Wells and Sarah Renner were married. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding. The weather was gorgeous! They are a very sweet couple that go to our church, I'm so happy for them. Congratulations Mark and Sarah!
I had never been to an outdoor wedding and I just loved it. You'll see in the pictures how beautiful it was. It was at Marks' parents home. It was a very sweet and romantic event! I know weddings are supposed be:)
The kids really enjoyed this kind of wedding. Cows to watch places to run and a golf cart too!
Brian had to work his regular Sat. shift but he came to the wedding late, he was there for the part he enjoys anyway:)
I think I'm on a blog marathon, this probably means next week I won't blog at all.
Have a wonderful Sunday and get some rest. I think we all need it!

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Freedom's Call Tattoo 2007

Freedom's Call

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We had a very fun time last night! We went to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base for a 60 year celebration of the Air Force. There were a lot of fly overs from fighter jets,stealth bomber, to older military aircraft. It was perfect weather too. The Tops in Blue were there to perform and the Air force Band. It was all so awesome! The evening ended with an awesome display of fireworks! The music played with the fireworks was excellent. I love being with a lot of people who are Proud to be Americans, the atmosphere was filled with so many emotions and we were all very glad to be there. I love America. Try this sight if you want more info: Have a GREAT WEEKEND!

Thursday, June 28, 2007


I'm Back! At long last I have a moment to sit down. What a very busy time it is. Most everyone knows that I was only home for 3 days after vacation and then headed out to Church camp. We had a very good time at camp. I can't believe that I didn't take ONE picture. It was so nice to spend time with friends and family. My favorite thing at camp is being in the tabernacle and hearing everyone sing together. I was so blessed to share in His Presence. We also had a great camp fire Sat. night. Thanks to my friends who did take pictures!

On a sadder note, (bittersweet I should say) I had to say Goodbye to one of my very best friends last night. Deanna is leaving on Friday to go to Ireland with her hubby Mark. They are taking an associate pastorate close to his home stompin grounds. We had our "Girls night out" last night, we made new memories and just enjoyed being together. We went to Newport, Kentucky which surprisingly we have never done. We at a Brio's Italian Grille and had Cold Stone Creamery for dessert. Deanna is an incredible friend who has always been their for me. I know God will use her in Ireland, her absence from us is definitely Ireland's' gain. My love and prayers go with them as they embark on this new journey. I'm so glad we do get to see her in August, that made saying our goodbye a little easier. I love ya DE!


Saturday, June 16, 2007


We are home! You know that feeling? You had so much fun, but home is definetly sweet! I can not say how much we enjoyed our vacation, it was fabulous! Just getting away from the normal ongoing pressures of life. We had a very exciting time, the boys loved fishing and finding shark teeth. Jenna loved the water. I loved the sand, sun and relaxing. I read 3 books! Brian enjoyed relaxing and of course we all love the pool and ocean! The boys caught several lizards, a toad and a frog. We kept them in an aquarium while we were there, they begged and pleaded to bring them home but, I didn't give in. I guess I'm a mean mom:) I love getting to be with my parents, sister, nieces and nephew, going to Florida is a annual thing for us. We graciously and not so graciously put up with each other for a week and make wonderful memories! Thanks guys for all the fun!

Brian turned 37 on June 15 and of course I reminded him how lucky I am that he is mine! And that I'm younger:) I love my husband he is the best!

I forgot to mention the little friend in our room in FL. I thought it was a cricket. You'll see it was not a cricket in fact,in my pix.

I took 380 pix, I'll not bore you with them all. Hope you enjoy! I have to go unpack I catch up with your blogs later, I missed blogging

Ok just 165 pics that's not too many??
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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Ocean&Sun Here We Come!!

Hello Friends! Well... I'm very behind on the blogging thing and don't have time now:( We are heading out for our family vacation to Indian Rock,FL. We are so excited and can't wait to get there!!! We should leave around 8am tomorrow. We will get there on Sat. and be home June 16.

My friend Janie had her baby! He is adorable!! He and Janie are doing wonderful! I'm so glad you are here Isaac! Thank the Lord for his arrival into the world. I'll let Janie share her exciting details:)
I am attaching several pictures. Just read the captions to know what they are about!
Have a Great week!

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