Thursday, July 19, 2007

~Come on in~

I know a lot of my friends love to decorate! It is one of my favorite things to do! I think I got it from my mom:) I always keep my eye out for little things to add to my place, its fun! Anyway, my friend Janie has encouraged me to give you a tour of my home. I think Janie needs to take a turn now:) I think its fun to look at other peoples style and ideas so, if your up to it please share! it goes. My captions will let you know where you are:)

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2007_07_19House tour

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Time flies when your havin FUN!!!

I can't believe it has been EIGHT DAYS since I have blogged! This summer is just flying by and I'm trying to enjoy it to its fullest and forget about minor responsibilities(cleaning, ironing and yucky things like that). We just had a fabulous weekend visiting with Marc, Melodie, Jordan, Cameron and Logan Sankey. Not technically a whole weekend but we shoved as much as we could into about one and a half days! I'm so glad they could come visit, we miss them terribly and loved the little time we had together:)
Saturday afternoon I had the boys come over so they could have some good ole fun with their buddies. Nate, Sammy, Bryson and Anna came over too so they had a great time!! I wanted Marc and Melodie to get some relaxing "adult" time with Shane and Tamra, I think everyone enjoyed their day, I know I did:) I sure don't know what I would do with eight kids all the time! I know people do it:)
We went to Shane and Tamra's Sat evening and had a blast! Thanks for having us Tamra:) You'll see in the pictures that Marc has missed his Middletown food, so he got right fixed up:) We had Donatos pizza and of course some delicious dessert from Tamra. She can make desserts like no body's business:) We had so much fun!
After church Sunday morning we had dinner at my in~laws house. I think there were 26 of us there. Once again the food was delicious! Thank you Jerry and Gloria for having us all over. Making memories with loved ones makes me happy:)
Then we had to say goodbye, that never gets any easier:( Marc and Melodie we are so glad you stopped by! We love you and of course our love and prayers go with you. I do know that God is Good and He is Using your family to bring more souls to Him. That what it is all about! Thank you so much for your example.
I hope all my fellow bloggers are doing well and I can't wait to catch up! Have a great week!
Melodie I didn't get a pic of you and me GRRR......:(
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Saturday, July 7, 2007


Yesterday we had to take Matthew back to MI. It is always very hard for us! When he is gone there is a very empty space in our home and our hearts. We had so much fun while he was here and he was here for a month so that was a very good thing. He was here for all of our major summer plans which we were very happy about. We just want him here all the time!
We went to play putt-putt golf on Thursday and took him to his favorite restaurant El Rancho Grande. Of course I have a few photos to share:) Have a great weekend!
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Thursday, July 5, 2007


I came home Monday night after shopping and my kids said " Mom we have a surprise for you!" It made me Smile. Here is what they had to show me.
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a New Doo

The boys had taken a lot of time doing this, they were so proud! I wish she would let me take time on her hair and smile too..Oh well brothers are just more fun.

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July 4, 2007*******

Hope every ones 4th was a great one!
We had a wonderful day yesterday with family and friends!
I didn't know if the weather was going to cooperate was OK. Very hot and humid but it cooled down in the late evening.
Thanks to you guys for bringing food, it was all yummy. You will have to look at the pictures, we had a very pretty and yummy flag cake, thanks to Michele. My Hubby grilled hamburgers and hot dogs for an hour and a half. Thanks sweety!
Corn hole was a success thanks to Bradley, Brian and Lisa for getting the boards and corn bags done:)
The kids had a great time riding bikes, riding the mini bike, uncle Bradley's' 4 wheeler, doing fireworks and just playing together.
There were definitely moments when I felt like a redneck, our back yard is still trying to grow so.....we were in the front yard and driveway having our fun! I love my friends and family and was so glad to make some more memories with them.
Check out the pics.