Monday, October 29, 2007

Fall Party!!

We had a Fall Party!!! The kids had a great time last Saturday evening! It all started with some really cute costumes, then games, then some painting pumpkins, then some food, then some

Thanks to everybody who brought food and treats! I love the kids having fun, like they say "Enjoy it now, they grow up too fast"



"Raising a son can be a real roller-coaster ride.......the ups, the downs, the fun, the excitement, the close calls, the thrills and chills, and just like a roller-coaster goes by WAY too FAST!" Where did the time go? October 26, 1995.........2007. Matthew has grown up so fast, he is such a joy to us, we are very Proud of him! I hope we never forget all the phases of his life! A very cute, happy baby boy, to a wonderful 12 year old. We love you Matthew, Happy Birthday! He became a little richer:) over the weekend but, a little poorer today:( He used his fortune to buy his Lasi Mini Baja aka~remote control car


Saturday, October 20, 2007

Beauty & Fun!

What a beautiful day and perfect weather we had for our annual Kid's Church camp out! Big thanks to the Miller's for opening their home and property for our great enjoyment!
We got a little chilly but all in all it was a great night. We have great sleeping bags so just the nose got cold, I just snuggled down deeper:)
Now our tent was somehow missing its rain flap (not happy) so we had to do some riggin' of our own, needless to say, as you will see in the pictures it was not real pretty.LOL Someone tagged it Kondemd, I know this is the incorrect way to spell this, so don't fear:)
The kids look so forward to this event-they have so much fun!
A little nap was had by all this afternoon:)

Kid's church campout 2007

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

HAPPY FALL ~My most wonderful time of the year! I was born in October and have loved the season ever since!
Brian and I took the kids to buy some pumpkins today at a little farm close to home. It was so very fun and a beautiful day to pick our pumpkins! I took some pictures of course.:) They were very fun to take, hope I don't bore you, YAAAAAWN.......night night


Tuesday, October 16, 2007


There is no way to describe the fun we had in Gatlinburg:) Let me begin with the day of departure first:
We left our kids at Granpa&Me maw Snelling's Thursday around 12:30pm, that was quite hard for Brian and I. We have only left Jenna one night in her life, so we were nervous! Jacob was not feeling well so it was a little hard on this mommy to leave:(

We arrived in Gatlinburg around 6pm. Our cabin was awesome, HUGE! We shared a bunk room with Bradley, Lisa, Paul and Sara. We stayed up late every night of course!! There were 24 of us and plenty of room.
We checked out some blogs while we were there:) Ebay was visited also:)

Friday we started out with devotions and a very yummy breakfast at the Pancake Pantry. 11 MILE bike ride in Cades Cove, I must mention this was not a flat trail. It was a challenge at times but I did it! Brian's bike broke down around mile 2, we were not happy about that. He hitched a few rides back to the rental office.
We enjoyed eating together at No Way Jose's Fri. night, then walking around downtown Gatlinburg. Some of the guys and gals played Laser tag. To bed late again...

Saturday we had devotions then breakfast(at Bob Evan's not our first choice). The girls hit the outlet malls while the guys took a helicopter ride and raced the go carts.
8 of us went horseback riding around 4pm, this was definitely a highlight in my trip, the weather was beautiful and it was very peaceful, except for the little power struggle between Smokey(my horse) and Thelma (Stephanie's horse).
We then headed to Texas Roadhouse for supper and then to the Comedy Barn for some good laughs! I must add that the Comedy Barn is interested in good clean family comedy! Then we quickly headed
to Gatlinburg for some last minute shopping! Up late again......

Sunday came quite quickly and we all straggled out towards home and most of all my KIDS!! We missed them terribly!
Now those are just some highlights, a lot of laughter, games, hottub, some practical jokes and much, much, more fun added in gave us a very wonderful weekend with some of our closest friends! Thanks guys for all the fun, can't tell you what it means to have friends that are Christians and headed toward the same Goal! Lots of love to you:) Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Gatlinburg Trip 2007

Now to my wonderful in~laws, THANK YOU SO MUCH for keeping my kids, I never worried that they weren't taken care of! You guys are the best!! Aunt La La, thanks for all your help too! My kids had a wonderful fun packed weekend!
Thanks Jenn and kids for putting up with Doodle and watching the house. Doodle kisses are sent your way, whether you want them or not:)

By the way Jacob is still sick with an ear infection and asthma. We are making it though.
Have a great week!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

I did it!!

Too much time messing with this, but I did get it! Thanks Tamra for the tip:0) Oh, by the way I'm talking about my blogskin:)

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Best Yet!

Well I must say we celebrated our Anniversary in top-notch style. NOT! Jacob is sick, so- Brian and I had a yummy pizza from Hunter's Pizzeria down the road:) I did however get some beautiful roses and a very perfect card from my hubby! This Anniversary celebration will definitely not go down as the most grand, but we enjoyed it:)


Yesterday I had some down time and I took a walk down memory lane in my pictures. I love doing that, I do miss my little ones, they are growing up way too FAST! But don't worry this is not creating a desire for a new one:) Hope you enjoy the pics!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Happy Anniversary!!

October 5, 1996


I'd do it all over again:) My how time flies! I must say the last 11 years have been a wonderful journey! My husband has surely made it all worthwhile! I can honestly say no one could find a better MAN! I love you sooo......much honey! In those last eleven years we have had two lovely children, moved 3 times, had 3 dogs, went through several cars:( Had many vacations and had absolutely no SPATS:) Ha Ha you know us better than that! Thank God for His help in our lives, I'm so thankful to be blessed with a good marriage. I can't wait to see what the next 11 years bring!

sorry about grainy pics, thats what you get you take pic of pics:)