Saturday, May 17, 2008

Way behind on bloggin but up to date in life:)

Well let's just say life is very busy and the blogging has taken the back seat. Obviously............I hear Ya:)

So much has gone on since my last post. We are trying to finish school. Jacob and I are both VERY much ready to quit for the summer, just a couple more weeks. We are not positive what we are doing for the next school year, Jenna starts kindergarten. We are leaning very much towards home school. My Jenna is so social and would just love being in a classroom and so it makes our decision a little more difficult. Pray,pray,pray:)

Jacob is halfway into the season of soccer, he loves it and if I say so myself he is doing a great job!! His team is undefeated so far! Today was a close call though.


Brian's job changes like the wind but, we are very glad he still has it! They have let some people go and are offering packages to those close to retiring.

We have had some nice beautiful days of spring. We worked in the yard and prettied up the landscape. I found a great nursery to buy my flowers. We took out some shrubs under the front window that I did not like and put in some Boxwoods, it will look better when they are a little bigger:)

Mother's day came and went without any pictures:( I did enjoy being off of kitchen duty and my landscaping was a wonderful gift. I love being a mom!

GNO overnight was an absolutely wonderful time!!! I'm ready for another. Deanna was in from the UK and we saw her as much as we could. Saying "goodbye" doesn't get easier:( I miss her very much!! We stayed at the Embassy Suites in Covington, KY. We ate at the Buckhead Grill, (my first time) it was good. Graeter's of course is delicious:) Then we just hang out at the hotel and gabbed and such:) Love my friends! I just can't imagine not having this wonderful blessing in my life, love you guys!! OH! I almost forgot our great finds at the Gap outlet, had to get some shopping in:)

My niece Emily went to her Junior prom. We (my sis and me) had so much fun helping her get ready. She looked beautiful! I can't believe how the years fly by. She is my very 1st niece and I have enjoyed watching her grow up. We are good friends:) Love you Emmy!
2008_05_03emmys prom