Monday, December 1, 2008

'Tis the Season

My kids are ready, Jacob loves getting ready for Christmas the most. He can not wait to get out the tree and start decorating, he is my driving force:) So we have begun, the tree I absolutely dread putting up, but the other little decorating I enjoy. So here we go off to a busy holiday season.

Click on pic for more From tis the season


Michele said...

Very pretty! Wanna come do mine?

Tim and Kristina said...

I love your tree. I with Michele, can you do mine?? ;-)

Janie said...

Great pics! Keep bloggin girl!

Stephanie said...

So now not only are you a first class decorator, but you are also a photographer...very impressive! The tree is breathtaking!

I can't wait to do my tree...we're heading to the mountains tomorrow to go cut one down!