Monday, December 1, 2008


Giving thanks is not very hard to do. Our blessings are numberless!!! We give thanks with a grateful heart.
I have had another first in my life, I wonder when they stop? This time it was preparing Thanksgiving dinner for my wonderful family at my house. With the help of Brian,(the world's most wonderful husband) I cooked my first 24lb. turkey. Now that wasn't all that easy wrestling the big bird but, we did it! It was scrumptious!!! There were 11 of us and so much food left over. I'll just say we have had all the turkey leftovers we can handle:) My mom and sister helped so much and I'll have to say it was all easy.
Thank you God for our family and friends!

click for a couple more pix From 2008_11_27


Stephanie said...

love your Tgiving decor - it looks very Marth-ish! So, I definitely approve!

You really should consider professional decorating...