Monday, November 3, 2008

Always Runnin' Behind

I am convinced that this is the MOST hectic segment of time in my lifetime thus far!!!! Who knows when it will end so I though I would take a few moments to blog. Hang in there with me, it's going to be a long post:)
Last week was a very busy week!! Lots of fun moments were had. Here is the rundown:
1. Revival~Tues.-Sun. missed one night.
2. My very wonderful friend from Idaho was here!
3. Worked in Jenna's classroom.
4. I had a birthday.
5. Halloween
6. Halloween Parade and party at Jenna's school.
7. Jacob's football game.
So, it doesn't look as busy as it felt but you know all the stuff that goes in between whew.....I'm just glad this week is supposed to be slow.

A long awaited GNO we shopped for a bit and went to one of our favorite places, PFChang's, for our first GNO with Stephanie in town. Food was great but, being together was the BEST!! We missed Deanna so much!!

From 2008_10_23

Stephanie and Miss Madeline came over and we went to Skyline for supper and to Graeter's for dessert:) We had so much fun!! Madeline is absolutely adorable! She is so dramatic and talkative, she kept us entertained (wonder where these characteristics come from???) So glad you could spend time with us, we already miss you!!

Graeter's Yummy!!!! Click on pic for moreFrom New Folder (2)
I turned 34 on Oct.29. I can't believe how time goes so fast. I seriously feel like I just graduated from High school sometimes. My hubby and kids bought me the latest book from one of my favorite authors. I can't wait to read it.

I went out with the girls on my birthday, to one of another of our favorite restaurants, The Cheesecake Factory~YUMMY~Dulce De Leche was my cheesecake of choice:) Janie had my other fave, White Raspberry Truffle~thanks for sharing Janie;) The girls bought me some really cool baskets for a "project" I'm working on....I'll blog about that later.

From 2008_10_29

can you say YUMMY!!!! From 2008_10_29

De we tried to call you and it wouldn't go through? Its not the same without you. Miss you!!!From New Folder (2)

My kids love to carve pumpkins. So we fit that in one morning before school.
click on pic to see the rest From 2008_10_29

Halloween was a very fun day! I had to get a little creative with Jacob's costume but it turned out great and he loved it! We had a crew come over for trick or treating, the kids are eating their "spoils" right this minute. We were running against the clock because we had revival service at 7pm. We(16 people) loaded into a mini van near the end our trick or treating, talk about a load!!! The doors were open with people hanging out:) We made it to church.

click on pic above to view album From 2008_10_30

Jenna's school has a little costume parade it was cute. I helped out at the party in her classroom. I love being in her classroom!! We had a great time.

click on pic above for the album From 2008_10_31

So thats it for a while. Have a great week!


Aunt Ruthie said...

I enjoyed catching up with all of your activities.

Love you guys,

krisanddrew said...

wow, you are staying very busy. we miss you, but am glad that you are enjoying things.

Holdens said...

Wow Janella you have been busy..You forgot to list our calling excursion!

Stephanie said...

And a good time was had by all! A few of those pics look disturbingly familiar...hee hee hee.

Oh, and can you airmail me some Graeters?????

Ronda said...

I can relate to your busy life! :)Life just keeps coming at ya, doesn't it? We might be bored if it didn't though! LOL!
Your kids looked so cute for Halloween!
Loved seeing your GDO activities...You all looked so cute and stylish. :) Friendships like that are blessings from God! I am sure that Deanna misses ya'll, too.