Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The wordless blog:)

From 2008_09_02
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Aunt Ruthie said...

It was so good to be with you all. We are now home as of a few hours ago.

I like your pumpkin!

Rob and Deanna said...

Love your pumpkin! Have you seen the ones with polka dots too? I have just been noticing this year all the cool things done with pumpkins. Neato.

Stephanie said...

Love the house decor for fall - looking good, chickie!

Also, loved all the pics of the kids - especially Jenna's school outfits! If only we could dress as cool as our girls...lol!

Thank you, FINALLY, for the update...even if it was wordless...(wink, wink!)

See you next week! GNO!!! Love ya!

Katie and the boys said...

I love your decor on the pumpkin! Great Idea!!!

Leanna Pitcher said...

I'm trying to figue out if you painted a orange pumpking white or a white pumpkin orange?? :) (seriously) I love the idea, it is very cute! Loved all the pics. And, by the way, where did the baby's go? 4th grade and kindgeraten - how unbelievable, that's just not possible. Very nice looking kids, but I'm not pejudice at all! Happy Fall, to one of my favorite - sis-in-laws :) Love you!

Tamra said...

I like all the fall decor - especially the painted pumpkin. Way to go Martha! :) Jenna looks cute in all her school outfits.