Thursday, July 19, 2007

~Come on in~

I know a lot of my friends love to decorate! It is one of my favorite things to do! I think I got it from my mom:) I always keep my eye out for little things to add to my place, its fun! Anyway, my friend Janie has encouraged me to give you a tour of my home. I think Janie needs to take a turn now:) I think its fun to look at other peoples style and ideas so, if your up to it please share! it goes. My captions will let you know where you are:)

click on pic below to view all

2007_07_19House tour


Marty said...

Beautiful home!! I was glad to see you had a great time with the Sankey's!

Aunt Ruthie said...

Thanks, Janella, for the tour. That will do until I can see it in person. :~) You have a beautiful home and I'm happy for you all.

Love you all,

Rebekah said...

You have a beautiful home!!! I enjoyed the tour!! Your house is so simple/pottery barn!!! I love it! I've entertained the thought of doing a "tour" of my house but at the moment we are lacking storage space so it so cluttery it drives me nuts!!! I figure that if I don't like to see my clutter no one else will either!!! Your house was beautifully clutter free!!!! :-)

I'm glad you got to see the video this morning!! You were on there the same time I was trying to get it all figured out!!

The Going Blog said...

You are so brave to show off your closet. Beautiful home!!! I enjoyed the tour. I'm thinking about doing one of my home but I can't seem to get it picture worthy. ha

Aimee said...

So pretty! =)

janie said...

loved the tour! A few new things since I was there. love the starfish in your bathroom! so "sea flower"!!!
puh-lease come help me paint!!!!!!

Katie and the boys said...

Cool idea! I love to decorate too!

I love the "howdy" on Jacob's wall! It is sooooo him!!!

Tamra said...

Enjoyed the tour - even though I been there numberous times!

Tamra said...

Let's try this again!!!

Enjoyed the tour - even though I HAVE been there NUMEROUS times.

It's late and I should be in bed. :) The clock says 11:47pm, but it's actually an hour later.

Becky said...

Yes you can add my blog to your links. Love your home. It is very beautiful.


Myranda said...


enjoyed my tour!

sankey family said...

I was so happy to get to tour your beautiful home in person just a few weeks ago - I love your style. My favorite room was your bedroom.


Phillip D said...

Thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. =)

Loved your home, thanks for posting these nice pics. It's pretty, yet simple and not overdone. Nice taste!

Love, Heather =)

Rob and Deanna said...

Thanks for the Tour! I enjoyed the "visit"! I am in the middle of redecorating our home, so I need the ideas! :-}