Friday, August 29, 2008

The lovely days of flip~flop summer

Summer is a wonderful time of the year~ ice cream, late nights, not much of a schedule, swimming, sunning, and flip flops:)

Sadly most of that is coming quickly to end. Our family usually takes a vacation in the summer, but, this year we didn't. I thought it might make summer feel a little longer however, it just kept on flying by.

Some of my favorite things this summer I mentioned above. Being with my kids and husband is my favorite thing to do and I feel so blessed to have them! They are the people that I live for. Sometime I wish I could just wrap us up in a cocoon just be their for awhile, away from the crazy world we live in, I know......I can't do that. There have been days over the summer where it has just been me and my people as I like to call them. The longer I live the more I learn that precious gifts need lots of love and attention. I consider my marriage to Brian a precious gift, I consider our children absolutely precious gifts!! So, this summer I think we have been able to just chill around home, make quick fun decisions and just be what we are a family enjoying our summer. My children are growing up to quickly and I only have precious little time to try and teach how to live. That immediately puts the spotlight on my ways. I am trying to search myself hoping to find good things to share that will help my little people in life. You know that is what they are doing right??? They are just watching what we do because if they love us they want to be like us...Wow! That is a big job!!!! It is one that I can not FAIL in.

That was maybe a little deep, but its been a little deep around here lately

I said goodbye to a best friend this summer and to be real honest I'm not handling it all that well. There are a whole lot of things you can come by easily but, becoming best friends with someone is something some people never find. I was so blessed to have found three friends De was first about 15 years ago, then came Janie a few years later and then last but not least Stephanie.
We ALL hit it off so well and thus our GNOs. We carried those years through uninterrupted until we said good bye to our De~ in 2007 OK I think I just need to get a good cry out so hang on.......I miss De she is living her happy life in Ireland and doing quite fine. But I was so blessed to have her a half hour away and know that we could count on one another, cause thats what best friends do.
That was last year:
This is this year: My bestfriend Stephanie ~she now lives in Idaho, had to move and I'm still not ready for it even though its done. We were there for each other she taught me things about myself and best of all she loved me just for who I was, just me. I know she cares about me still and we talk or text very frequently. She was just one blessing that God gave to me because he knew she would be a good friend for me. I don't know when it will get less upsetting that she is gone but once again God gave me a friend:) one that I can count on even though the miles are far.
Now I still have my Janie(thank you God) I just couldn't take another move we are getting together next week yep just us 2. I really hope our futures remain at least in the same vicinity. OK this may be more info than you want to know but that's what was on my mind. Feels good to get a little cry out every once in a while.

My sister moved too. This was a happy move for me, she's just 1.6 miles down the road:) YEaH!!

So, I think I'll keep wearing my flip flops a little longer and see what the next week or so of summer brings.


Leanna Pitcher said...

Thanks for sharing with us. Very well said. Life can certainly be rough on us sometimes. Love ya!

Deanna said...

I'm crying. Love you bunches! Miss you too! Welcome back to blogging land! Give Janie a hug for me at gno.

Stephanie said...

I just back from visiting the tissue box! Whew! Made me cry. You know, I couldn't have added any words to say it better than that. It just fit. There is just something very special about our friendship. Thank you for being real.

I love you lots and lots and miss you that much too!

Now, I'm gonna tell you to get off your butt and just walk it off with George!

Have fun at GNO! October's coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lavy Country said...

oh, Janella - sometimes we just wonder why - my heart is truly sad for you. I know what a blessing a best friend is. Know that you are in my prayers and remember God is good and His ways past understanding - but always good. Love you, wl.

Stephanie said...'s another day.

I forgot to tell you what a great picture the flip flops were! I love it - and so creative.

But, what I really wanted to say was that OBVIOUSLY we need more blogging, girl! So what did you do today? Yesterday? What did you eat for breakfast? etc... you know...more info - more details on my friend's life, please!

David and Sarah Fry said...

Tears here, too.

David and Sarah Fry said...

But happy tears, because some girls (grown girls) never seem to know what it's like to have that kind of friendship. They never trust themselves enough to trust someone else.

So it's a good thing.