Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lets Go Fly A Kite!!

Our family enjoyed spending the afternoon with Shane, Tamra and kids at a local Kite Fest last Saturday. The weather was a little chilly and OHHHH the mud!!!! I'm talking ewwy, gushy, sloshy MUD!!! But we had a great time, the kids made their own kites and had a fun time flying them. There were a lot of neat kites and some really cool kite flyers (is this a word?) There were synchronized kite teams of four flying to music. Really cool, but hard to put into words to make you picture it.
Jenna and Bryson were too cute!! They are so fun to watch:) The picture quality is lacking in these photos, don't know why?


My kids have really enjoyed this super nice weather. Of course they now are very interested in flying kites and have a lot of fun! Have you ever tried to capture your child and the kite they're flying in a photo? Not too easy:)



Tamra said...

Love the photos of Jenna and Bryson - mud splattered and all! Had a great time with you guys! You've been tagged - see my blog. Bet you are so lovin' me about now. LOL!

Janie said...

LOVE the last picture of Jenna & Bryson holding hands. Too cute! Looks like fun!

Heather said...

I loved the pictures!!!