Friday, March 6, 2009

A little catch up

From 2009_02_03

Some fun things I did while it was cold outside. Just click above:)

I tried to make some faux roman shades out of a $12 panel I got at Target.

From 2009_02_23
Jenna mastering her bigger bike, Sammy turns 11. Building snowmen all in this album below:)
From 2009_02_06
The newest member to our extended family. Ally's dream~meet, Copper he will be 1yr in a couple weeks!
From 2009_02_28

Tuesday, February 3, 2009 the way we did celebrate Christmas:)

I'm going to attempt a quick update of what's been going on the last couple months. I know I'm very behind. So there will be no editing of photos you just get what there is. We are enjoying the snow and we are getting more right now! Hope everyone is getting a good start on 2009! P.S.hang with me, this is a long post! Jenna turned 6 on 1-30-09 but that is at the end of this wonderfully long post:) As always click on the photo to view the album, do I really need to tell you that?:)

Getting ready for Christmas:)

From 2009-02-03

Christmas with Stephanie:) Due to my friends being so spread out over the globe our schedules were not the same. Steph and I met at P.F.Chang's for our Christmas! All four of us girl's would have loved to be together but.....that's life as they say.
From 2008_12_22

Christmas Eve~We have since even before my time celebrated Christmas Eve at my "PaPaw and MeMaw" Hatfields house. We usually have at least 40 people there and needless to say we have so much fun! I love my family and have made so many precious memories with them. My papaw went to heaven in 1992.This year was a hard Christmas Eve, my grandma had to move to a nursing home in Dec. she fell and broke her hip. She had hip surgery and still has not recuperated. She is suffering from very bad dementia and it makes me very sad. Brian and I and the kids went and spent some time with her before we had our annual Hatfield Christmas. Randy my cousin invited all of us to his home and although I missed having grandma there SO MUCH, we were all glad to be together.
From 2008_12_24

Christmas Day
From 2008_12_25

Matthew is finally here:) It was just the day after Christmas but we miss him!
From 2008_12_26

Christmas at my Mom and Dad's house.
From 2008_12_31

Back at Brian's mom and dads to have Christmas with Leanna his sister and family:)
From 2009_01_01

WHEW!!!!!That's all of that:) No wonder I was so tired after Christmas.
My silly girl! I don't remember what this is about but the pic is too funny!
From 2009_01_15

Jacob started basketball season and is loving it! His team has won 3out of 4:) My special niece Lindsesy turned 3:) Her birthday pictures are in this album as well.
From 2009_01_17

We got SNOW! Very FUN! Very Beautiful!
From 2009_01_29

On 1-30-03 we received a very special gift, our baby girl, and our lives will never be the same! "My" Jenna turned 6 she is growing up so fast! We love her life and it has made ours more fun. So this is a Happy Birthday post to our sweet, beautiful, silly girl! We would have so many less smiles without her! We love you Jenna!
From Jenna's 6

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Happy New Year!!!

Will I ever have time to blog Christmas 2008? Not looking very promising. Happy New Year anyway:)

From 2009_01_01

WHERE IS JENNA???? she is, now Matthew is almost gone...I give up:) We were bringing in the New Year.
From 2009_01_01

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas from our hearts to yours

We wish you His presence as we celebrate His birth. Merry Christmas!!

From 2008_12_23

From 2008_12_23

A couple more pix if you click From 2008_12_14

Friday, December 12, 2008



From 2008_12_09

Look At More Pictures in this album From 2008_12_06

What a beautiful day for a Christmas Horse Parade. A little cold.....brrrr.... Not a great time for your camera battery to you can see some pretty horse and carriages at Tamra C. blog. It was such a pretty parade and the snow was beautiful. Our day finished off going to G.B.S for the Christmas production. It was so good and put me more in the Christmas spirit. Hope your days are merry and bright!!

click for a couple more pix From 2008_12_04

GNO this month was really special because our friend Deanna was in the US. We went to Don Pablos at Rookwood and got caught up oh yeah we ate too. Then we HAD to go shopping:) We celebrated Christmas and De's birthday. I had such a good and relaxing time. Time spent with friends is time well spent! Of course we had to call Stephanie and talk, we missed her:( Living in different time zones and countries can really make it hard to schedule GNO but, we consider our times together BIG blessings:)

Monday, December 1, 2008

'Tis the Season

My kids are ready, Jacob loves getting ready for Christmas the most. He can not wait to get out the tree and start decorating, he is my driving force:) So we have begun, the tree I absolutely dread putting up, but the other little decorating I enjoy. So here we go off to a busy holiday season.

Click on pic for more From tis the season


Giving thanks is not very hard to do. Our blessings are numberless!!! We give thanks with a grateful heart.
I have had another first in my life, I wonder when they stop? This time it was preparing Thanksgiving dinner for my wonderful family at my house. With the help of Brian,(the world's most wonderful husband) I cooked my first 24lb. turkey. Now that wasn't all that easy wrestling the big bird but, we did it! It was scrumptious!!! There were 11 of us and so much food left over. I'll just say we have had all the turkey leftovers we can handle:) My mom and sister helped so much and I'll have to say it was all easy.
Thank you God for our family and friends!

click for a couple more pix From 2008_11_27

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cutest, Sweetest, Most Cuddly Girl!

Thats all I have to say and Aubrey is 5 months today:)

Click on Pic for a couple more From 2008_10_30

Monday, November 3, 2008

Always Runnin' Behind

I am convinced that this is the MOST hectic segment of time in my lifetime thus far!!!! Who knows when it will end so I though I would take a few moments to blog. Hang in there with me, it's going to be a long post:)
Last week was a very busy week!! Lots of fun moments were had. Here is the rundown:
1. Revival~Tues.-Sun. missed one night.
2. My very wonderful friend from Idaho was here!
3. Worked in Jenna's classroom.
4. I had a birthday.
5. Halloween
6. Halloween Parade and party at Jenna's school.
7. Jacob's football game.
So, it doesn't look as busy as it felt but you know all the stuff that goes in between whew.....I'm just glad this week is supposed to be slow.

A long awaited GNO we shopped for a bit and went to one of our favorite places, PFChang's, for our first GNO with Stephanie in town. Food was great but, being together was the BEST!! We missed Deanna so much!!

From 2008_10_23

Stephanie and Miss Madeline came over and we went to Skyline for supper and to Graeter's for dessert:) We had so much fun!! Madeline is absolutely adorable! She is so dramatic and talkative, she kept us entertained (wonder where these characteristics come from???) So glad you could spend time with us, we already miss you!!

Graeter's Yummy!!!! Click on pic for moreFrom New Folder (2)
I turned 34 on Oct.29. I can't believe how time goes so fast. I seriously feel like I just graduated from High school sometimes. My hubby and kids bought me the latest book from one of my favorite authors. I can't wait to read it.

I went out with the girls on my birthday, to one of another of our favorite restaurants, The Cheesecake Factory~YUMMY~Dulce De Leche was my cheesecake of choice:) Janie had my other fave, White Raspberry Truffle~thanks for sharing Janie;) The girls bought me some really cool baskets for a "project" I'm working on....I'll blog about that later.

From 2008_10_29

can you say YUMMY!!!! From 2008_10_29

De we tried to call you and it wouldn't go through? Its not the same without you. Miss you!!!From New Folder (2)

My kids love to carve pumpkins. So we fit that in one morning before school.
click on pic to see the rest From 2008_10_29

Halloween was a very fun day! I had to get a little creative with Jacob's costume but it turned out great and he loved it! We had a crew come over for trick or treating, the kids are eating their "spoils" right this minute. We were running against the clock because we had revival service at 7pm. We(16 people) loaded into a mini van near the end our trick or treating, talk about a load!!! The doors were open with people hanging out:) We made it to church.

click on pic above to view album From 2008_10_30

Jenna's school has a little costume parade it was cute. I helped out at the party in her classroom. I love being in her classroom!! We had a great time.

click on pic above for the album From 2008_10_31

So thats it for a while. Have a great week!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


The wordless blog:)

From 2008_09_02
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Watch out World Here She comes and there ain't no stopping her

Well my baby girl has grown up in it seems like 2 weeks or so and is now in KINDERGARTEN!!!! This house is still in a little shock seeing our baby girl very independently heading off for school!!
Let me fill you in a little. Jacob has been home schooled for the last 2 years and we are Homeschooling this year too, 4th grade. As Brian and I were praying about Jenna's schooling we just weren't sure what to do. Jenna had informed us that she wanted a real bus, a real teacher and a real school building. Now our children are exact opposites!! In a nutshell we felt it would be fine to try our excellent school district out. Just for Jenna that is. So on August 28, our baby became a kindergartner.
We very confidently arrived to school for the 1st day, mommy and Jacob hung around for a few minutes to make sure she was comfortable. She was a little quite and so I asked her if she wanted me to stay longer or go on home. She said "I'm ready for you to leave now" What ??? Thats it!! No hugs, no kisses. Just a very sweet smile and we were on our way. The nerves in my stomach immediately began to churn and continued until she was back safe with me. She loved it by the way and said she couldn't way till tomorrow to ride the bus. Tomorrow has now come and gone and yes she loved the bus too! I can't tell you how proud I am of this little independent girl of mine, WOW she really likes it!!!! I'm so excited to see her learn. Gotta love her she is a go getter~but she will always be my baby girl.


Click for larger pix:)

Friday, August 29, 2008

The lovely days of flip~flop summer

Summer is a wonderful time of the year~ ice cream, late nights, not much of a schedule, swimming, sunning, and flip flops:)

Sadly most of that is coming quickly to end. Our family usually takes a vacation in the summer, but, this year we didn't. I thought it might make summer feel a little longer however, it just kept on flying by.

Some of my favorite things this summer I mentioned above. Being with my kids and husband is my favorite thing to do and I feel so blessed to have them! They are the people that I live for. Sometime I wish I could just wrap us up in a cocoon just be their for awhile, away from the crazy world we live in, I know......I can't do that. There have been days over the summer where it has just been me and my people as I like to call them. The longer I live the more I learn that precious gifts need lots of love and attention. I consider my marriage to Brian a precious gift, I consider our children absolutely precious gifts!! So, this summer I think we have been able to just chill around home, make quick fun decisions and just be what we are a family enjoying our summer. My children are growing up to quickly and I only have precious little time to try and teach how to live. That immediately puts the spotlight on my ways. I am trying to search myself hoping to find good things to share that will help my little people in life. You know that is what they are doing right??? They are just watching what we do because if they love us they want to be like us...Wow! That is a big job!!!! It is one that I can not FAIL in.

That was maybe a little deep, but its been a little deep around here lately

I said goodbye to a best friend this summer and to be real honest I'm not handling it all that well. There are a whole lot of things you can come by easily but, becoming best friends with someone is something some people never find. I was so blessed to have found three friends De was first about 15 years ago, then came Janie a few years later and then last but not least Stephanie.
We ALL hit it off so well and thus our GNOs. We carried those years through uninterrupted until we said good bye to our De~ in 2007 OK I think I just need to get a good cry out so hang on.......I miss De she is living her happy life in Ireland and doing quite fine. But I was so blessed to have her a half hour away and know that we could count on one another, cause thats what best friends do.
That was last year:
This is this year: My bestfriend Stephanie ~she now lives in Idaho, had to move and I'm still not ready for it even though its done. We were there for each other she taught me things about myself and best of all she loved me just for who I was, just me. I know she cares about me still and we talk or text very frequently. She was just one blessing that God gave to me because he knew she would be a good friend for me. I don't know when it will get less upsetting that she is gone but once again God gave me a friend:) one that I can count on even though the miles are far.
Now I still have my Janie(thank you God) I just couldn't take another move we are getting together next week yep just us 2. I really hope our futures remain at least in the same vicinity. OK this may be more info than you want to know but that's what was on my mind. Feels good to get a little cry out every once in a while.

My sister moved too. This was a happy move for me, she's just 1.6 miles down the road:) YEaH!!

So, I think I'll keep wearing my flip flops a little longer and see what the next week or so of summer brings.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Way behind on bloggin but up to date in life:)

Well let's just say life is very busy and the blogging has taken the back seat. Obviously............I hear Ya:)

So much has gone on since my last post. We are trying to finish school. Jacob and I are both VERY much ready to quit for the summer, just a couple more weeks. We are not positive what we are doing for the next school year, Jenna starts kindergarten. We are leaning very much towards home school. My Jenna is so social and would just love being in a classroom and so it makes our decision a little more difficult. Pray,pray,pray:)

Jacob is halfway into the season of soccer, he loves it and if I say so myself he is doing a great job!! His team is undefeated so far! Today was a close call though.


Brian's job changes like the wind but, we are very glad he still has it! They have let some people go and are offering packages to those close to retiring.

We have had some nice beautiful days of spring. We worked in the yard and prettied up the landscape. I found a great nursery to buy my flowers. We took out some shrubs under the front window that I did not like and put in some Boxwoods, it will look better when they are a little bigger:)

Mother's day came and went without any pictures:( I did enjoy being off of kitchen duty and my landscaping was a wonderful gift. I love being a mom!

GNO overnight was an absolutely wonderful time!!! I'm ready for another. Deanna was in from the UK and we saw her as much as we could. Saying "goodbye" doesn't get easier:( I miss her very much!! We stayed at the Embassy Suites in Covington, KY. We ate at the Buckhead Grill, (my first time) it was good. Graeter's of course is delicious:) Then we just hang out at the hotel and gabbed and such:) Love my friends! I just can't imagine not having this wonderful blessing in my life, love you guys!! OH! I almost forgot our great finds at the Gap outlet, had to get some shopping in:)

My niece Emily went to her Junior prom. We (my sis and me) had so much fun helping her get ready. She looked beautiful! I can't believe how the years fly by. She is my very 1st niece and I have enjoyed watching her grow up. We are good friends:) Love you Emmy!
2008_05_03emmys prom

Thursday, April 10, 2008


click on pic for more:)My Pictures

Finally took the kids to get their pics updated. I think it is a very stressful thing to do............hence the explanation of very behind portraits! Glad its done:) Jenna informed us at the studio that she didn't know how to you know how much fun that was:(

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lets Go Fly A Kite!!

Our family enjoyed spending the afternoon with Shane, Tamra and kids at a local Kite Fest last Saturday. The weather was a little chilly and OHHHH the mud!!!! I'm talking ewwy, gushy, sloshy MUD!!! But we had a great time, the kids made their own kites and had a fun time flying them. There were a lot of neat kites and some really cool kite flyers (is this a word?) There were synchronized kite teams of four flying to music. Really cool, but hard to put into words to make you picture it.
Jenna and Bryson were too cute!! They are so fun to watch:) The picture quality is lacking in these photos, don't know why?


My kids have really enjoyed this super nice weather. Of course they now are very interested in flying kites and have a lot of fun! Have you ever tried to capture your child and the kite they're flying in a photo? Not too easy:)


Monday, March 31, 2008

Finally A Party!!!

We celebrated Jacob's birthday:) I don't think I would have been able to wait when I was his age, but he wanted Matthew to be here. So....almost 3 weeks later we had his party. Wow did he fly through those gifts!! And the $$:) Thank you to the whole family for coming, just can't do it without you:)


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Beautiful Day!

We had a gorgeous day today! Jacob, Sammy and Jenna were enjoying the lovely day outside and I was doing some housework. While passing through the living room I caught a glimpse of something that immediately brought these words to my lips "I can't deal with this!!!" This is what I saw. Thankfully Brian was home to bring a little calm or I don't know what I would have done to these 9 and 10year old boys just enjoying the outdoors:)
So what would you do? By the way this was Jacob's idea.


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Everything is going pretty good here in the Snelling household. Brian is recovering from his surgery last Thur. and so things have slowed down around here. We are really enjoying him being home with us. Hopefully he will be feeling well enough to enjoy some of his time off work very soon! He is scheduled off until April 24.
Easter Sunday was a very blessed day at church and with my family for dinner. Of course the kids love to color and hunt eggs and the candy that goes with Easter.
Jacob is not on spring break this week because Matthew will be here to spend his spring break with us this coming weekend. Jacob's cousins are on spring break so we have been doing school quickly so Sammy can stay overnight a couple of nights:) Jenna of course wants to know when her spring break is:)
I guess we just don't have much going on around here, not much to post. Have a happy week:)

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I'm Guilty

I was telling some friends last night that I feel sooooooo...guilty for not having posted about Jacob's birthday. I can't believe the bad feeling I have from not having this done:( So here it goes...
JACOB IS NINE!!!!! March 8, 1999 Brian and I received a special gift, one that has changed our lives. Our precious baby boy was born! That feeling of holding this wonderful little bundle of human life that God allowed you to create is one I will Never forget. And now 9 years later he still has a grip on our hearts:)
Happy Birthday Jacob (posted 3 days late:( We love you and are very proud of you!
Jacob wanted to wait to have a birthday celebration until his big brother could be here. I can definitely tell he's getting older, he has to wait until March 29 for his party:) We took him to Cracker Barrel, his choice, and he did get to have a gift. I just couldn't stand waiting till the end of March to at least recognize his special day!
Now I need to say I love digital cameras!!!!! I was trying to go through albums and boxes of pics to find a picture for each birthday. What a pain! I like the click of a button to view pics. I'm really upset that I can't find his 4yr pic. or party pictures:(
So here is a little walk through Jacob's life.


click on pic to view album

Friday, March 7, 2008

How can I post for thee? Let me count the ways:)

We have had a lot going on around here, I just haven't had the blogging spirit. So.....I feel it a little today so I better do it:)

First of all we had a wonderful answer to prayer! Brian was offered on Mon-Wed 12hr position. It has almost been a year since he had to take the Thur-Sat 12hr position. Weekends are definitely family times and this shift has totally made his outlook on life(or the lack thereof) depressing. He doesn't know his start date, but just knowing he is going to change has made him relax a little. Thank you GOD!

Miss Jenna lost her first tooth after MUCH DRAMA!!!


Sammy turned double digits! Wow the big 10:)


The GNO celebrated Stephanie's birthday! We had a great day, it was on Sat. and we were all free for several hours, amazing! We ate yummy Johny Carino's then shopped, and shopped, and shopped some more! We had to fit Starbuck's in there:) Very bad pictures, but I kind of captured the moment:)